Our Team

Our people are what make our beer and this place great.


Bonnie Landy - founder

Bonnie is a chemical engineer who was working with fermentation at a HUGE pharmaceutical company for over 5 years before deciding that she would rather be her own boss. She likes science and spreadsheets and stuff. She helps make sure the production side of things runs smoothly. When not wearing her pink rubber boots, she’s enjoying her hobbies including outdoor activities (mostly hiking and biking) and arts and crafts.


Holly Redding - founder

Holly has extensive experience in customer service, marketing, and she smiles a lot. She is without a doubt the friendliest one of the bunch. Although originally from North Carolina, she has come to call the Shenandoah Valley home, but you can still catch hints of her native twang as she serves up our brews behind the bar. Besides slingin’ suds, she also manages to keep our brewery mascot, tiny-human Oliver James Redding, alive and mostly happy.


Eric boyers - head brewer

Eric is our Head Brewer and therefore spends A LOT of time cleaning. He was the owner of VALLEY HOMEBREW and is a homebrewer extraordinaire. Winner of 10 homebrew awards including TWO golds for his incredible Old Ale aged on bourbon-soaked oak, a gold for his English IPA and several other silver and bronze medals. He's remarkably talented and a good egg, to boot.

jayson morgan - beertender

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ian keefer - beertender

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jeffrey hill - beertender


henry raach - beertender


abby mcallister - beertender